Ignacio Muñoz Vásquez

Ignacio Muñoz Vásquez

Ignacio Muñoz Vásquez
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We're constantly marveling at the imaginative, graphic, towering, and curious manmade structures that architects dream up. And, as great as the Empire State Building and Eiffel Tower are, we're talking about the weird ones here.

No, this whimsical house isn't the result of a botched liquifying job on Photoshop. The silhouettes of the shopping center — which boasts a name that translates to "Crooked House" in English — are inspired by Polish fairytale illustrations.

Alien Abduction Lamp z:

Alien Abduction light - UFO lamp, conceived by Lasse Klein is a unique lighting unit which is shaped like an alien saucer or a UFO.

Ice Cream Can Get Bizarre in Japan

Your typical ice cream in Japan is rather vanilla. Things usually don't get much crazier than green tea. But in some places, the ice cream gets downright strange. Viper ice cream, anyone?


View from our hotel, Big Island.