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Valentina muñoz

Valentina muñoz
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Dacre Montgomery, Stranger Things

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Dacre as Billy in Stranger Things

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He’s a charming, beautiful, Australian Power Ranger. -Matt Duffer about Dacre Montgomery

samlarawho: “This is one of my favourite humans explaining highly complicated concepts to me using hot chips"

billy hargrove gif

Seek And Reform Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Reader Words: 1514 Warnings: Mention of abuse, sexual content (teasing), angst A/N: Part three is here! Thank you for your support and nice comments!

Dacre Montgomery, Stranger Things, Famous People, Crushes, Boyfriend, Fandom, Boyfriends, Fandoms, Celebs, Celebrities

Dacre Montgomery, Power Rangers, Stranger Things, Boy Boy, Man Crush, Man Candy, Art Reference, Boyfriends, Aesthetics, Guys, Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Friends