Vicente Rodríguez

Vicente Rodríguez
Iquique, Chile / Estudiante de Arquitectura, con la cabeza por pluton.
Vicente Rodríguez
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1919-1920: Monumento a la Tercera Internacional. Edificio habitable de Vladimir Tatlin .

Vladimir Tatlin, "Monument to the Third International Sculpture", He launched the constructivist movement when he proposed the futuristic, glass-and-steel Tatlin's Tower.

Structural Mechanics: Structural Analysis I

The general purpose of Structural Analysis is to understand how a structure behaves under loads. It is different than Strength of Materials.

Y-BIO, by Archinoma is a temporary, modular colony providing instant shelter and connection with nature. The Y-BIO unit is designed according to the “Sierpinski pyramid” mathematical model, and is created by attaching three chains to three vertexes of three tetrahedrons strung up so that they’re levitating slightly above the ground. The entire thing is held together using structural steel tubing.

Archinoma created Y-BIO, a temporary, modular colony that presents a new way to create an instant shelter and connection with nature. The Y-BIO unit is des

Curved tubular members - Steel Construction - Northern Architecture

Curved roofs may be formed using single-curved tubular members, double-layer members connected periodically, or tubular trusses, as illustrated in the