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Meet India’s famous chefs; know their passion, their recipes and food mantras. Stay in touch with their latest creations.
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Recently, I was fascinated by molecular gastronomy. This is a dish with molecular melon caviar, prosciutto and fresh melon

Chef Vicky Ratnani’s latest cookbook, Vicky Goes Veg, is effectively dispelling the notion that vegetarian food is boring and limited

Find out the food mantras of India’s top chefs

In Conversation With Chef Giuseppe Lioce

Chocolatier L Nitin Chordia has been spreading chocolaty cheer — he organises workshops and clubs across the country to spread awareness about fine chocolates.

Chef Ajay Chopra wears his celebrity status lightly as he discusses his passion for food, and the latest trends in restaurants and dining with

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Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, fondly known as Chef Saby by his friends and fans, was marked as one of the people to watch out for’ by Fortune India magazine in At he was the youngest Executive Chef to be awarded the ‘Best Chef of India’.

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