Catherine Barrientos

Catherine Barrientos

Catherine Barrientos
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Compact Phone Stand inotch1 in Bubinga por UllapoolBoxCreations

inotch 1 is a compact wooden phone stand for iPhone and other compatible smartphones that are thick. It is made from responsibly sourced African Bubinga which is very hard and durable. It measures long and has a keyring loop.

Cerámica tipi de quemador de incienso que sale por HicklinHomestead

Ceramic Incense Burner TeePee that smokes Blue by JessicaHicklin


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Handmade White Turquoise Blue Dream Catcher por TheDreamCatchery

Handmade White Turquoise Blue Dream Catcher With Tassels, Silver Chains, and Ostrich and Rooster Feathers - Modern Bohemian Home Decor