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Lapageria rosea, commonly called the Chilean bellflower or copihue, is a large flowering vine native to the rainforest of South America. Perhaps the most desirable of all cultivated vines, this imp… Evergreen Climbing Plants, Evergreen Climbers, Unusual Flowers, Amazing Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Tropical Flowers, Flowering Vines, Edible Plants, Little Flowers

Lapageria rosea #1

Best viewed @ large size Philesiaceae - Chile Chilean Bellflower, Chilean Glory Flower, Copihue National flower of Chile Shown: Cluster of the pendulous, heavy-textured flowers; flowers approx. 8-9 cm in length "The Copihue (co-pee-way) (Lapageria rosea), also known as the Chilean Bellflower and Lapageria, is the national flower of Chile. It grows in forests in the southern part of Chile, being part of the Valdivian flora. It is the only species in the genus Lapageria. It is an evergreen…

Lapageria, Chilean Bellflower, is a slow growing, twining climber, but spectacular when flowering. White Cloud is a rare variety and seldom available from seed. Strange Flowers, Exotic Flowers, White Flowers, Beautiful Flowers, Moon Garden, Flower Seeds, Horticulture, Flower Vases, Perennials

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