Don't care that I've pinned this before. It should be pinned again. And again. And again. Arte Callejero en Valparaiso, Chile

Arte Callejero en Valparaiso, Chile - arte_katarina

Funny pictures about San Francisco's Secret Mosaic Staircase. Oh, and cool pics about San Francisco's Secret Mosaic Staircase. Also, San Francisco's Secret Mosaic Staircase.

Valparaiso, Chile

Hanging house over 100 year old cable car Valparaiso Chile. more with healing sounds:

WE ARE NOT HIPPIES, WE ARE HAPPIES Street Art in Valparaiso, Chile

The Street Art of Valparaiso, Chile

Piano staircase, Valparaiso, Chilie

How much would your littles one love to have stairs painted like piano keys at home! Grafitti Piano Stairs via onepicten

Chiloe Isla de Pascua Atacama Vina del Mar Valparaiso tus destinos en Chile

Paraíso terrenal

Discover the beauty of Chile through photos taken in Valparaiso, Chiloé, Isla de Pascua and Atacama. Here a view on the port of Valparaiso.

Comandancia en Jefe de la Armada y Monumentos a los Héroes de Iquique by Armada de Chile,Valparaíso.

Building of the Commander in Chief of the Navy and Monument to the Heroes of Iquique in Valparaiso, Chile by Chilean Navy

Valparaiso, Chile via @elanmizrahi

Valparaiso, Chile Accommodation: Angel Hostel and Hostel La Valija Duration: 7 Nights While in La Serena we had heard great things about the coastal city of Valparaiso. People explained that the beauty of the landscape, culture, and people kept them.