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Physics cartoons, memes and other funny alternatives.

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Stephen Hawking History Of Time, Physics Humor, Stephen Hawking, 5 Things, Memes, Youtube, People, Physics, Meme


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I Love Physics Half Sleeve T-Shirt

Advocate your love for physics with this cool and comfy 100% combed cotton shirt

The French Mathematician Who Invented Fourier Series French Politics, Dimensional Analysis, Physics Humor, Greenhouse Effect, French Revolution, Best Series, Revolutionaries, Biography

Biography of Joseph Fourier

Joseph Fourier is a renowned name in the scientific world credit to Fourier series and Fourier transform. His work is useful to various prob...

carl sagan ann druyan love story valentines day Carl Sagan, Great Love Stories, Love Story, Free Thinker, Romance, Thing 1, Atheism, Thought Provoking, Short Film

Five Greatest Love Stories In The Physics World

Marie and Pierre In Pierre, she found a caring, brilliant lab partner. In Marie , he discovered the love of his life. And together they went...

Is James Watt the inspiration behind Harry Potter? Industrial Revolution In Europe, James Watt, Physics Humor, Harry Potter Films, James Potter, Physicist, Daniel Radcliffe, Just The Way, The Magicians

The Curious Link Between James Watt and Harry Potter

James Watt was a Scottish physicist and inventor who was born on Jan 19, 1736 and strangely has a weird connection with Harry Potter films. ...

This article was written by Stefan Forstner, a research fellow at University of Queensland, for The Conversation Schrodingers Cat, Cats, Wave Function, Physics Humor, Tiny World, What Is It Called, Things That Bounce, Real Life, Tecnologia

Can Schrödinger's Cat Exist In Real Life?

Have you ever been in more than one place at the same time? If you’re much bigger than an atom, the answer will be no. But atoms are governe...

Astronomy and astrology compared head to head in this to-the-point article. Physics Concepts, Physics Humor, Pale Blue Dot, Character Trait, Carl Sagan, Nobel Prize, Historian, Different, Astronomy

10 Hard-Hitting Differences Between Astronomy and Astrology

1. Every newspaper in the world has a daily column on astrology. Not a single paper carries even a weekly column on astronomy. ( Carl Sagan ...

The following is a list of physicists who turned to music to show their love for life. Physics Humor, Orange Juice, Singing, Music, Youtube, Life, Musica, Musik, Physics

Feynman Sings Orange Juice

talented richard feynman ofey rogers commission infinity physics bongo Paul Dirac, Free Verse Poems, Louis Pasteur, Physics Humor, Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize Winners, Secrets Of The Universe, Carl Sagan, Physicist

The Many Talents of Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman was one of the world’s greatest scientists who won a Nobel Prize for physics in 1965. But we recognize him more as an o...

Wisdom From Scientists Physics Humor, Albert Einstein, Scientists, University, Wisdom, Cartoon, Education, Funny, Physics


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Newtonian Mechanics Physics Demos Physics Concepts, Centrifugal Force, Physics Humor, Energy Conservation, Market Value, Physics

Newtonian Mechanics Physics Demos

List of physics concepts demonstrated in the videos: inertia of rest, relation between mass and acceleration, action reaction pair, centrifugal force, mechan...

A collection of wisdom from American physicist in minimum time. Brian Greene, Physics Humor, Beauty Science, Richard Feynman, Richard Dawkins, Market Value, Global Citizen, Carl Sagan, Quantum Mechanics

The Genius Richard Feynman

A collection of wisdom from American physicist in minimum time.