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i love her youtube videos! dont forget to Carb the fuck up!!

Banana bender: When she first discovered the raw food diet she ate only bananas for an entire month - and said her health dramatically improved

Freelee The Banana Girl ~ Go Fruit Urself

Who loves smoothies or juicing? (Not roid juicing. ) Some entrepreneurs rely on coffee. Others take a cleaner route. Which would you choose?

buffyshot: "People change.   In 8 months you can change your life like I changed mine.   Before: 78kg After: 48kg"

buffyshot: "People change. In 8 months you can change your life like I changed mine. Before: 78kg After: 48kg"

I will have to remind my self of this before and after each gym session...

It will hurt. It will take time. It will require willpower. You will need to make healthy decisions. It requires sacrifice. You will need to push your body to its max. There will be temptation. But, I promise you, when you reach your goal, it's worth it.