yessenia vasquez

yessenia vasquez

yessenia vasquez
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Piruletas de galletas Oreo

Oreo-on-a-Stick fun! Pop stick, Oreo, Dipping chocolate or candy melts, sprinkles. Taylor to a specific holiday and you have an easy treat to sell or give away.

Ameiii esses coqueiros feitos com balão e fita....

Balloons and streamers to make trees. The coconut trees are just five “leaves” cut out of green construction paper with three brown balloons and 5 strips of crepe in the middle that’s all been all taped together & affixed to the ceiling.

Molde de folhas

Cut the leaves. You could use two different colors of green paper. Regular printing paper or construction paper would work for this. Fold them in half while cutting to make sure they get symmetrical and to give the leaf a nice crease!